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Our Vision

Thriving Families & Communities

We need to support the well-being of all our residents - our families, seniors, children, people with disabilities, and veterans -- by making sure they have the quality healthcare, food, housing, education, and other things they need to thrive and weather life’s storms.

Innovative & Vibrant Neighborhoods

By leveraging technology and small business, reducing red tape, and working toward sustainable communities, we can build a smarter and more efficient safety net that better serves all of us.

Smart Investment

By fully funding safety net programs, we are making an investment in our community’s future - and in the potential of all our county’s residents, young and old.

A Commitment to Justice

To work for anyone, our communities must work for everyone. Our safety net programs must be designed to promote equity, justice, and equal access for all residents of our county.

Prepared for a Crisis

One crisis can change everything.  COVID-19 revealed that the line between security and uncertainty is thinner than we thought. Our elected officials must ensure the Safety Net is ready for today's crisis-- and tomorrow's.

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